SBR Rubber Granule Tiles


Thickness: 0.5 mm – 8.0  mm

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Uses & Application

SBR Rubber Granules

  • SBR Granules stands for Styrene Butadiene Rubber.
  • These Granules are originally black color granules; an upper surface is coated with a color they are colored granules
  • SBR Granules are mostly in dark colors only. such as Terracotta (Brick Red), Dark Blue, Dark Green, Black and so on.


  • Smart floormate pre-coated SBR Granules are tiring granules that have been color coated.
  • The process encapsulates each granule in a newly developed, robust, pigmented, polyurethane-based compound.
  • Dust is removed at every stage to ensure the best-finished granules.
  • SBR color coated granules are as an alternative Cost effective option instead of EPDM granules.
  • All our playground safety rubber flooring comes in a range of thickness and colors even multi-colored graphics making the selection and choice a lot simpler.
  • There is the number of running track surfacing types to choose from whether you’re installing a full-sized 400m running facility or a smaller area like Long jump runway or high jump fan.
  • Each of the surface types that we install can come in the number of colors with designs and line markings for each individual event.