EVA Foam Mat



Mat Tile Size: 1m × 1m

Thickness: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm

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Uses & Application

Eva Foam Mat is Used in Kabaddi

  • Kabaddi is one of the well-known sports in India. Almost everyone is aware of it. Earlier it was only local game.
  • Then we started playing it state wise or nationally.
  • It was played in the mud where there were lot chances of getting injured as there can be pieces of glasses, stones, and pebbles. So now for the better option all come up with the idea of using mats in this game.
  • Kabaddi is now an International game organizing different leagues for it and the best example is Pro Kabaddi league.
  • These mats are made of lightweight JSR foam and the interlocks will never go off. Multi-Purpose Interlocking Mats are the best options to create a cushioning surface to perform various sports activities.
  • Our professionals make use of high-density Eva foam as raw materials to manufacture these Mats.
  • These Mats have interlocking systems that offer the opportunity to assemble the mats as per your requirements to create an individual surface. These Interlocking Mats that we offer are suitable for Kabaddi, Taekwondo, Karate, home training, Judo, or any other throwing martial arts.
  • Note – Can only be used in Indoor Area, direct exposure to Sunlight and Rainwater can create cracks on Mats or mat color may fade.